Reunion Blues RBXS Folding Clarinet/Flute Stand RBXS-CFL

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This RBXS folding stand is designed to accommodate several instruments in a sturdy, but easily collapsible design. The padded peg is designed to safely support Flute, Clarinet, or Straight Soprano Sax. The instrument peg detaches easily for storage, and includes a non-reactive foam that protects the instrument lacquer. Featuring a rugged base made from high impact, shatter-proof polyethylene, and a stable hinged tripod design, the is stand will keep your favorite instrument secure, for a long, long time.

  • Can accommodate Flute, Clarinet, or Soprano Sax
  • Padded peg detaches for storage
  • Hinged Tripod design with rubber feet for balance and stability
  • Non-reactive foam protects instrument lacquer
  • Collapsible Steel Frame folds down for easy transport
  • All plastic parts made from high impact, shatterproof Polyethylene

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