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Welcome to On Stage Music Supply’s BLOG



Welcome to On Stage Music Supply’s BLOG

Everything we do at Onstage Music Supply started with a love of music. From beginners to professional musicians, we’re all about helping everyone experience to fun of playing an instrument and the thrill of live music. We’re musicians too and we understand you don’t want to spend all your money on your gear. Our knowledgeable staff can help you find the right product from our line of guitars, amplifiers, drums, keyboards, live sound, DJ, lighting equipment and more, for all your performance needs. Headquartered in Yorktown, Indiana, we enjoy coming to work every day to support and encourage musicians across the world.

CATEGORIES OF MUSIC GEAR WE CARRY: Accordions Acoustic Guitars Amplifiers Banjo Banjo Case Banjo Gig Bag Banjo Strings Bass Bass Gig Bag Bongo’s Capo Clarinet Case Clarinets DJ Flute Flute Case French Horn Accessories Gig Bag Guitars Guitar Accessories Guitar Bags Guitar Case Guitar Kits Guitar Pickups Guitar Stands Guitar Straps Guitars Harmonicas Harp Instructional Keyboard Keyboard Accessories Mandolin Case Mandolin Strings Mandolins Maracas Metronome Mic Stands Mics PA Pedals Percussion Percussion Accessories Percussion Drum Sticks Picks Pitch Pipe Sax Sax Case Slide Strings Tambourine Trombone Trumpet Trumpet Case Tuners Ukulele Violin Violin Accessories Violin Case Violin Bows Wind Accessories Wireless Mics & More.


Welcome to On Stage Music Supply’s BLOG! Stay tuned for exciting information about music instruments & musical accessories.  We carry a wide range of music gear, pro audio, DJ equipment and even home audio components. We ship all across the United States but also appreciate local business. We are headquartered in Yorktown Indiana – USA.



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